About Me

Barry L. Bulakites has been the President of Table Bay Financial Network, Inc. since 2005, and is an established Denver financial services provider. Barry specializes in Life, Variable Annuity, and Fixed Indexed Annuity Lines in the United States and internationally. Since 2010, Mr. Bulakites has also served as the Senior Managing Director of America's Tax Solutions.

Barry has a B.S. in marketing from Western New England University. He is also a distinguished London Business School Discovery Programme for Senior Executives graduate. Barry Bulakites is a well-known industry thought leader who is frequently published and consulted. He does around 250 speaking events each year as a frequent public speaker.

Barry has appeared on radio and television programs to discuss the state of the financial markets and retirement planning. He is considered one of North America's greatest IRA specialists. Sports teams, musicians, and businesses that he helps develop long-term retirement plans are among his consulting clients. Lilian Vernon, The Republic of Singapore, The Cleveland Browns, Acrilex, Club 21, Key food, Hamilton Standard, and United Jersey Bank, to name a few, have been among his clients. Barry is also a go-to expert for CPAs who want to learn about retirement taxation methods.

Barry believes that it is his responsibility as an expert to always educate people. CNBC, Forbes, USA Today, The Motley Fool, The Washington Post, CBS News, Money, Time, and The New York Times are among his publications. Barry believes that everyone should be able to enjoy their golden years. His contributions to national media are a chance for him to express his passion for making retirement the most enjoyable time of our life.

His blog, https://barrybulakitescalifornia.wordpress.com/, is devoted to retiring subjects, and you can find it at https://barrybulakitescalifornia.wordpress.com/. Through his Twitter account, https://twitter.com/bbulakitesca, Barry shares a wealth of retirement knowledge. He lists speaking events, webinars, and learning resources for anyone interested in learning more about their retirement possibilities on his company website, https://tablebayfinancial.com/. Table Bay also provides training to others in the financial services business on how to be successful and best assist their clients in achieving their retirement objectives.

Barry has worked with Lincoln National Life as Regional Chief Executive Officer, Jackson National Life as Senior Vice President of National Sales, and America's IRA Centers as Senior Managing Partner.

As a testament to his dedication to innovation and achievement in inventing the America's IRA Centers concept, Barry was nominated for the 2011 Industry Elite Award for Market Innovation by Nation Underwriter in 2011.

In his life and career, Barry lives by Tony Robbins' values and works to give back to his community. In business, he frequently references to Jack Welch's leadership and innovation principles. Most significantly, Barry is looking forward to continuing to make a difference in the world by ensuring that his customers, as well as all Americans, can successfully navigate the route to retirement and make the most of their golden years.


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