What Does a State Department of Finance Officer Make?

Barry L. Bulakites

September 20, 2022

Barry Bulakites

The average annual salary for a State Department of Finance Officer is $134,631. This is 95% above the national average. However, salary figures can vary widely by jurisdiction and are an approximation. Therefore, it’s essential to check with your employer for accurate information. In addition, the minimum wage for this position can be higher or lower than the national average.


If you’re interested in working for the state finance department, you should look at the qualifications needed for this position. The role requires a broad knowledge of public administration, governmental accounting, grants and contracts, and purchasing procedures. It also requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Furthermore, candidates should be proficient in analyzing financial documents and reports.

For the position of financial management officer, you should have a strong understanding of the accounting processes and policies. In addition, the position requires excellent analytical skills and exceptional time management skills. Your job is to ensure the smooth functioning of the financial Department, including monitoring bank deposits and payments. The position also requires periodic financial analysis. The position requires five years of experience as a financial analyst.

Section 8 requires applicants to show they have full-time municipal finance experience. Full-time experience is defined as working for the finance department during the regular hours of the local government. In addition, applicants must submit copies of certifications detailing the years of service and duties performed. However, applicants with a four-year college degree or a Registered Municipal Accountant (RMA) certificate do not need to complete this section.

The Department of Labor’s Budget Analyst provides financial oversight and technical assistance in executing the Department’s annual budget. They also perform a wide range of administrative functions. For example, they develop and analyze budget documents and provide technical advice to senior Departmental staff. In addition, they monitor accounts to ensure that the budget is accurately calculated and reconciled.

Duties-Department of Finance

The State Department of the United States employs a Financial Management Officer (FMO). The FMO oversees and implements the Department’s financial management policies and procedures. These include the preparation of the annual consolidated financial statements and the development of an integrated financial system. In addition, the FMO oversees budget operations and promotes compliance with financial management laws and regulations.

The FMO oversees the financial operations of the state department’s overseas posts. The position is responsible for developing and implementing a department’s financial policies, procedures, and standards. In addition, the FMO serves as the liaison between the U.S. Department and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and independent auditors. Other responsibilities of the FMO include preparing the annual Agency Financial Report and overseeing internal control efforts.

The FMO oversees the budgeting processes and provides recommendations to the executive director. He also prepares annual and long-range financial plans. In addition, he is responsible for maintaining and verifying funds for programs and activities. His duties also include maintaining accounting records on designated receiving and approving officials.

A Financial Management Officer should have experience in budgeting and fiscal procedures and must possess excellent communication and analytical skills. He must also have extensive experience in auditing and reporting procedures, internal controls, and compliance. In addition, they should have experience overseeing a department’s staff, assigning work and resolving minor disciplinary measures, and recommending candidates for promotion.

Salary-Department of Finance

The average salary of a financial management officer in the state department of the United States is $134,631. This is nearly nine times higher than the national average. This information is based on salary data compiled from third-party sources, including past job advertisements. Please note that these figures represent approximations and should be verified with the employer.